How nice of you to drop by. My name is Jolene. Yes, named after that country classic song. You can start singing it now, go ahead, I don’t mind. Who doesn’t like Dolly Parton?

When I don’t listen to music, I like to work. As a copywriter with a degree in art history, I move around in lovely Amsterdam. I write articles for magazines and websites. Or I get asked to offer various sorts of copy for galleries and artists, like website texts or biographies. Not all of my texts are art related, though. I also help businesses to improve their appearance on the internet, in words and images. Find out more about my writing here.

Even though I love to write, I am also quite the talkative type. As a keynote speaker, I  share my knowledge of art and culture by hosting art talks for individuals and companies. Like the series of talks on Dutch history, society and culture called Dutch Discoveries. I designed them especially for internationals in Amsterdam, to get to know Dutch Culture.

Last but not least, I have a very handsome partner-in-crime called Nikon. A trusted and loyal friend. He follows me around town. Together, we capture the beautiful world around us. More info on my photo work can be found on my photo website Jo Photo Projects.

Jolene Art Projects conveniently houses these different job titles under one solid roof.

Do you want to get in touch? Please do so by emailing me at jo@joleneartprojects.nl.
Or, better yet, call me on my cell: +31624311366. I am one of those rare persons that use a telephone to actually make phone calls.