Copy Projects

As a copywriter and editor with a degree in art history, I offer content to magazines and companies. I mostly write about arts and culture in Amsterdam. But I can also help businesses with their online appearance by writing or editing texts. Or making suggestions to improve their visuals. Or both.


These are some examples of the work I have been doing the last year.




For Hello Amsterdam, a glossy full of tips on how to well-spend your time in Amsterdam, I keep track of the capital’s art calendar for What’s On. You can read what expositions are on, or what kind of special art fair is happening in town.

What’s On in Hello Amsterdam, where you can read all about what to visit in Amsterdam.

For Wanrooij Gallery, I wrote a bio on one of their artists. Read about Tim de Vries on their site.

bio Tim de Vries

Spoonful of Art is my very own website on art in Amsterdam, where I write about expo’s I have visited. I also share entertaining pieces to make art more accessible to a large audience. Look for some background information on a particular artist or artwork, or find out more about the story behind a painting. And if you are looking for a specific art-related present, you can also make a pitstop at Spoonful of Art.


Artist Alisa Lim A Po asked me to write the about me-section of her website text. You can read it in full right here. Available in English and Dutch.


The website of artist Alisa Lim A Po